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Oy Face Wash Daily Boost

Oy Face Wash Daily Boost

Gezichtsreiniger balsem - anti-aging cleanser

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Gezichtsreiniger balsem - anti-aging cleanser

Facial cleanser balm - anti-aging cleanser

Give your facial care a daily boost with this facial cleanser that slows down skin aging. Less is more, a cleanser and make-up remover with a focus on cell renewal and healthy skin flora. The result? Smooth and elastic skin!

  • Boost and rejuvenate the skin
  • Replaces makeup remover
  • Replaces a moisturizing cream

3 in 1 Solutions

1. Cell renewal

2. Filler and booster for even skin

3. Regulates dry/oily skin

Oy's ingredients

The Daily Boost is an anti-aging facial cleanser served with elegant simplicity. 99% natural products. 100% active ingredients. 0% water.

  • Compound:oil in water - formula
  • Ingredients:Glycerin, Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Squalane, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Sucrose Stearate, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Lactococcus Ferment, Annona Cherimola Fruit Extract, Hydrogenated Sunflower Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Perfume, Sodium Surfactin, Tocopherol, Sodium Citrate, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Phenylpropanol, Citric Acid, Rhododendron Ferrugineum Extract.
  • Free of:Soap, Alcohol, Parabens, Silicones.


  • Perfect for dry or combination skin
  • As a skin regulator suitable for all skin types
  • With postbiotics and cannabidiol effect through Annona fruit extract that repairs damage caused by pollution and UV.
  • Face wash without alcohol
  • Free from parabens
  • Shelf life 12 months after opening
  • 50 ml content
  • Gel texture
  • Packaged in a recyclable jar
  • Softly perfumed
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How to use

Develop your routine in three quick steps? It's that easy.

  • No water required. Apply a drop of balm to your fingertips. Massage gently in circular movements until balm has melted over the entire skin. Don't forget your eye contours and eyelids because this face wash also removes leftover makeup.

  • To achieve the ultimate effect, it is good to let the balm work for a minute.

    PS: Fancy some me-time? Surprise, surprise! The Oy Daily Boost is 'a balm to milk' and therefore perfect to use as a nourishing mask. Let the Oy Daily Boost anti-wrinkle balm work for about ten minutes. This way you pamper your skin with an extra concentrated effect. Delicious.

  • In combination with water, the balm becomes a wonderful cleansing milk. Rinse completely and pat your face dry. The balm moisturizes the skin.

    An extra moisturizing or nourishing cream such as a day and night cream is therefore not necessary. Although it is allowed. Don't forget your extra sun protection when Madame Soleil shines a little more.

Let our customers tell us why they are satisfied

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

After getting a sample I went to buy your Acne Prone Skin first and foremost today. And wow, I already have much less redness. And I actually feel really clean. I can feel my pores breathing, haha. Like I'm a fish with gills. Immediately shot out the rest of my skincare products (as they say in Halle). Am very pleased now. Thumbs up to the Oy geniuses, there in Bachten de Kupe 👍🌞

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

After my pregnancy I had a lot of rashes on my face and it got worse and worse. Switched to another line within the range that I use for the care of my face, to no avail. Now with Oy Face Wash for Acne after a few days the improvement is incredible, it's been a long time since my face has looked like this.
What you and your products do is indescribable, without it my life and my self image would be very different. A thousand thanks, I am an enthusiastic ambassador of Oy!!!

Oy Face Wash Acne Prone Skin

I am very satisfied with the Oy Acne Prone Skin! Pimples are much less and my skin is more even. Normally I use Epiduo, an aggressive gel with Benzoyl peroxide against acne. Thanks to Oy, I rarely use this gel now.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nancy Bonte
Super reiniger en dagcrème in één

Ik ben heel tevreden, makkelijk aan te brengen, heerlijk gevoel en lekkere geur.

Lena Schaekers

Oy Face Wash Daily Boost

Charlotte Rutgeerts
Niet het verwachte effect

Ik had verwacht enig verschil op te merken, maar het effect blijft uit. Mijn huid voelt ook vrij droog aan. Waardoor ik alsnog sterk de neiging heb om nadien crème/gezichtsolie aan te brengen. Vrij duur product voor wat het beloofd te doen... Voornamelijk goede marketing?

Dag Charlotte, de Oy cleanser Daily Boost bestaat uit een basis van hydraterende glycerine en voedende huideigen oliën. Onze huid is lipidenminnend en als je Oy op droge huid goed inmasseert en minimum 1 minuut laat inwerken zou je de weldaad van de ingrediënten moeten voelen. Onze bewezen studies melden dat 8u na het afspoelen de huid nog maximaal gehydrateerd is. Oy werkt als diepe cleanser met actieve stoffen die de huid kalmeren, egaal maken en voeden. Het blijft mogelijk dat je nood hebt aan een extra crème en deze zal nog beter inwerken na Oy. Dermatologen bevestigen dat een zeep met schuim de huid uitdroogt en onze Oy cleanser dus zeker een veilig en gezond alternatief is. Bedankt om jouw ervaring te delen zo leren wij hoe divers onze huid wel is.

Luc Verhelle

Great product. Fast delivery


Ik ben een OY fan tot en met .Daarom wou ik dit product zeker uitproberen. Het is een zeer makkelijk,aangenaam en praktische product. Ik gebruik het nu een 2 tal weken. Maar in mijn geval ,ik heb een zeer droge huid ,vind ik het niet voldoende. Dus ik gebruik wel nog een lichte dagcreme omdat mijn huid te droog aanvoelt. Maar toch blijf ik fan van het product.

Why Oy Daily Boost works

The Oy Daily Boost cleansing balm? That means regulating, hydrating and boosting your skin all day long. This natural facial cleanser penetrates deep into the skin, leaving you with a silky soft, elastic peach skin that also feels healthy. 100% active ingredients and you get them in this perfect skin-loving formula.

Eat your fruits! The Daily Boost contains the Cannabidiol substitute from the cherimoya fruit. It strengthens the immune system and counteracts aging, stress, irritation and redness. And it halves the risk of itching and dry, tight skin.

Postbiotics restore the skin microbiome so that you get a diverse and healthy skin flora. They are the newest generation of pre- and probiotics and are the essential components of good bacteria. They help with eczema, irritation and against free radicals and repair damage caused by UV rays particularly well.

Oy Daily Boost removes zombie cells. Zombie quoi? Zombie cells are spent fibroblasts. Cells that produce collagen. Once it has worn off, your skin would rather be rid of it than gain it. Your skin rejuvenates through cell renewal, gains more elasticity and stimulates your skin's own collagen.

Why Oy Face care?

You choose Oy Care for the unique compositions that are pharmaceutically substantiated.

The biggest asset of the Face wash is the water-free texture that matches very well with the fat layer of our skin, allowing the active substances to be absorbed 100%. A smart beautifier as far as Oy is concerned!

Product development by Oy pharmacist Inge Louf started with the fascination with the skin microbiome and healthy skin flora. Oy expertise is built up around this. Studies prove that in case of skin aging or a damaged skin barrier, a soap without water and foam provides very good care and the active ingredients are immediately absorbed. And these are precisely the strengths of Oy!

Inge applies the choice of innovative and technically strong ingredients in her own ingenious formulas. The result: beautiful lifestyle products that should be in everyone's bathroom.

“We consciously choose the combination of natural and high-quality raw materials together with sophisticated active ingredients. Nature meets high-tech, so to speak. "

Oy Care's skin care has long been highly valued for the following reasons:

  • Pharmaceutically substantiated and expertise in skin flora.
  • Multiple prize winner of, among others, De Bertjes (2018) and the Belgian Beauty Award (2019)
  • Promise West Flanders Markant-Unizo (2019)
  • Proven by clinical studies
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% concentrated: without water, without foam
  • Vegan & biodegradable
  • Made in Belgium

Do you have questions? We have answers

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Why is a cleanser important?

The basis of the best facial cleansing starts with a thorough cleansing. Choose a water and foam-free face wash based on glycerine and nourishing oils. It restores your epidermis by gently cleansing and soothing. This way all your impurities are removed and your skin is pure and healthy again. Avoid cleansers with water and/or foam. Water alone does not dissolve grease and make-up and can contain salts, lime and chlorine. Foam removes the protective layer of fat and disrupts your skin flora.

How often should you cleanse your face?

Ideally, you cleanse your skin twice a day:

  • In the morning after getting up to wash away dead skin cells and leftover sebum. This way you prevent impurities and the active substances of your day care are better absorbed.
  • In the evening before going to sleep to limit damage caused by, for example, make-up, pollution and leftover cream. Cleanse as deeply as possible so that your skin can fully recover at night.

What is the difference between a cleanser and a toner?

A toner is the first facial care after cleansing with classic soap and restores the acidity of your skin barrier. A cleanser purifies the skin by removing dead skin cells, sebum, pollution and remnants of cream. The Oy Face Wash is a strong all-in-one effect where you absolutely no longer need toner because the acidity (pH) is not changed by Oy. The active ingredients strengthen the skin barrier and moisturize sufficiently.

In what order do you use your facial care?

  1. Deep cleaning with a cleanser
  2. Toner (only needed after a water-based soap and foam)
  3. Serum
  4. Hydration
  5. Extra during the day: sun protection

For Oy, the daily beauty routine can be even shorter. The Daily Boost is a cleanser, toner, hydration and de-maquillant in one jar. The ingredients owe their efficiency to the texture in which they are processed.

What does anti aging mean?

The skin ages due to a reduction in collagen, too little hydration and damage from pollution and the sun. The best response to this is with an anti-aging product that strongly hydrates and deeply cleanses so that cells can fully renew themselves. Oy is a real timesaver: cleans like a soap and cares like a mask.

When do you start using anti-age products?

After the age of 30, collagen production decreases and your skin begins to age. Skin experts agree: sun damage is one of the main causes of premature skin aging. Therefore, also protect yourself against the sun in winter. Hydrate adequately: the best anti-aging remedy. Continue deep cleaning to remove pollution and dirt. Those three things guarantee an anti-aging treatment. Every day again.

What is collagen and why is it important?

Collagen is a body protein and is produced by fibroblasts. It is part of connective tissue such as your bones and skin. Collagen Type 1 is mainly found in the skin and provides firmness and elasticity there. Collagen is a large molecule and therefore difficult to penetrate into the deeper skin layers through creams. What does work is the stimulation of the production of skin's own collagen. With Oy Daily Boost we work specifically on the elimination of exhausted fibroblasts, namely senescent or zombie cells. As a result, there is more room for healthy fibroblasts that produce collagen.

What is the difference between oily and dry and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin is the opposite of oily skin and it all has to do with the protective and crucial layer of fat. When you use a watery soap with foam and mousse, this layer of fat is unfortunately washed away. Then the skin must be nourished with lipids in the form of vegetable oils. Dehydrated skin is dehydrated and needs hydration. Then a care with glycerin is the best go-to. This ingredient ensures that skin cells retain moisture. Glycerin can be found in every Oy product.

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