Ziekenhuis versus supermarkt - Nina

Hospital vs. Supermarket - Nina

It is important to distinguish between hand gels for medical and personal use, says Inge Louf. “In a medical context you need instant disinfection. When doctors and nurses move from one room to another in the hospital, it is important that bacteria and viruses are killed within 15 seconds. They use very strong alcohol for this, 80 percent. Super efficient, but it dissolves the fatty layers of the skin. The lipid layer – also known as the protective layer – breaks down, causing moisture to evaporate more quickly and the hands to dry out. The alcohol itself evaporates very quickly, so you have to apply it again and again.” A necessary evil for medical teams, not if you just take public transport. For personal use, she recommends gentler varieties. “One without alcohol, but with a blend of antiviral and antibacterial ingredients, for example. You don't get instant disinfection, but you do get long-term protection.”
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