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What do you put under the Christmas tree for her? - Misterdaily

Every year it is difficult again, a gift under the Christmas tree for your girlfriend, wife or crush. Whoever she is, she is probably very special to you, otherwise you would not have clicked on this inspirational article. Let's quickly move on to the tips for under the Christmas tree!
Both yours and hers new must-have; Oy Care deodorant scrub
Not only your feet, but also your girlfriend's feet are in the middle of the harsh winter months. And women in particular prefer to wrap themselves up warmly. We know that all too well. However, after being trapped in warm socks and sturdy shoes, these feet lie next to you in bed. We would prefer to see fresh and healthy feet there, of course! And this is therefore a perfect gift for both you and your girlfriend.
Wrapping your feet in socks and shoes in the winter can cause sweaty feet and calluses. In fact; By scalding in shoes that are too warm, bacteria and fungi can even start to grow. This can be remedied by scrubbing your feet a few times a week. Scrubbing is important to allow the skin of the feet to breathe and make it soft, but above all, the Oy Care deodorant scrub helps to combat sweat odors. Top!
OY is a firm gel scrub that you massage into dry skin and allow to work for one minute. The gel turns into a milk when it comes into contact with water, so you can rinse it off in an instant in the shower.
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