Oy Care Fris blijven ondanks warme winterkleding

Oy Care Stay fresh despite warm winter clothing


Today you will be introduced to a brand that I have also gotten to know this week: Oy Care. Today you will be introduced to 2 deo products from this brand. Are you reading along?

Oy Deo Wash and Deo Scrub put every other deo out of the picture!

Do you know that? A busy day, you're running from place to place and in the evening you want to look as fresh as when you just got out of the shower. The fact is that you sweat during the day and often you have the reflex to immediately reach for your deodorant. It is ideal for quickly covering up odors, but not for long. Because oops afterwards yellow circles or spots appear on your carefully chosen outfit. OY, an innovative new Belgian care brand, wipes these problems off the map in one fell swoop. In a gentle, efficient and sustainable way.

Revolutionary Belgian formula gets rid of sweat odor for good

OY is a new brand from Belgian soil, which takes its name from the Norwegian word for island. OY stands for purity, freshness and carefree sweating without unpleasant odors. This is precisely where OY's innovative formulas surpass any other deodorant: the natural sweating process is not stopped while odors are thoroughly tackled. Man or woman, if you make the deeply cleansing OY Deo Wash or Deo Scrub part of your regular morning ritual, you will feel the feeling fresh all day long.

OY's new approach: no deodorant, no scent

OY Deo Wash and OY Deo Scrub are two revolutionary care products that, unlike classic deodorants, tackle the cause of sweat odor. The unique combination of active ingredients in OY neutralizes the activity of micro-organisms that cause the odor. In addition, the skin flora is optimized without affecting the natural acidity of the skin. The natural sweating process is not hindered and yet you are guaranteed to stay fresh. When you use OY daily in the morning, you are odor-free for 24 hours. And you don't have to worry about unsightly yellow spots in your white blouse. Just like you brush your teeth every morning, apply OY to dry skin in the morning before showering. After one minute of exposure time, rinse the product and you're done! And your trusted deodorant? It can go in the closet for good.

Two refreshing products with a unisex scent

The OY range consists of a Deo Wash and a Deo Scrub. The OY Deo Wash is optimal for sensitive armpits, the groin area and skin folds. The gentle soap deeply cleanses the pores to completely eliminate sweat odor. The Deo Wash is lightly scented with a perfume of notes of wood, pepper, citrus, sage, thyme and cardamom. The OY Deo Scrub contains natural scrub particles, which are perfect for use on the feet and hairy armpits. Dead skin cells between the toes and toenails are efficiently removed, as well as the bacteria that stick between armpit hairs. The Deo Scrub is scented with notes of eucalyptus, rosemary, orange and other herbs.

The formula

OY's unique formula is the result of years of research in close collaboration with leading scientists. The secret lies in the combination of an ultra nourishing and at the same time deep cleansing effect. The unique OY formula in a nutshell:
2 in 1: a deeply cleansing soap with deodorant effect, which definitively tackles the cause of odor formation - Optimizes the skin flora - The acidity of the skin is not affected
• Allow natural sweating
• Applied locally to problem areas: armpits, feet and skin folds
A regular shower gel usually contains up to 70% water and a generous amount of foaming agent that dries out the skin enormously. OY therefore opted for an anhydrous base and a nourishing oil that strengthens and hydrates the skin. Each ingredient is active and carefully selected for optimal results. The oil ensures adhesion to the skin, allowing the soap to work optimally during application. The ultra-nourishing glycerin simultaneously ensures the moisture regulation of the skin. Thanks to this unique combination of ingredients, the skin is immediately soft and nourished after drying without feeling tight. OY is safe for people with sensitive skin, pregnant women and children. The formula is free of parabens and preservatives and is completely biodegradable - including the scrub particles in the OY Deo Scrub.

How do you use OY?

With these three simple steps you can get through the day in complete freshness:
1. Massage OY well onto the dry skin of the problem areas before showering
2. Let the product work for one minute, this ensures a deep cleaning
3. Rinse off the gel after one minute.
Upon contact with water, the gel turns into a nourishing milk that deeply nourishes the skin. By using OY you are assured of freshness for 24 hours. From the eighth day of consistent use, all sweat odors disappear and you can reduce the use of deodorant.
Short on time in the morning? No problem, you can also apply OY in the evening.
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