Okselscrub - Flair

Armpit scrub - Flair

A scrub for your armpits, a clay mask for your breasts or a sheet mask for your buttocks? With these surprising tips and tools you can give your entire body a well-deserved facial.

Your armpits are an often forgotten spot that could use some extra care. Sweat, dead skin cells and leftover deodorant accumulate and can lead to irritation. And the cleaner your armpits, the better your deodorant or antiperspirant can do its job. Washing your armpits well is one thing, but they can also use a scrub every now and then. Use a mild scrub with fine, non-sharp particles. Then apply a clay mask if necessary and do not forget to moisturize regularly with body lotion. Are your armpits sensitive? then use a restorative cream (e.g. Dermocrem).
You can use this Deo Scrub daily to remove dead skin cells and it has a deodorizing effect that counteracts odors.

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