Holistik - Must haves voor een conscious lifestyle

Holistik - Must haves for a conscious lifestyle

These are our 8 favorites in November

Last month we collected these 8 conscious lifestyle must haves. They all have a link with 'clean living' and look damn beautiful. From sustainable perfume to holistic slimming with herbs and spices
lavender eye pillow to sophisticated cleaning products for your home.
Must haves for a conscious lifestyle: these are our 8 favorites in November


Sealing your armpits with deodorant is not very healthy. Because of the alcohol and aluminum salts that are often contained, it slows down your sweat production. And while sweating ensures that your body temperature remains constant and the sweat droplets themselves are odorless. It is the microorganisms in these warm, moist places that cause the odor, often under the influence of stress. OY, a new Belgian care brand, therefore focuses solely on odor control. How? The natural ingredients in OY neutralize the micro-organisms. Apply the deodorant wash to dry skin before showering. After one minute of exposure time, rinse the gel and you're done. From the eighth day of consistent use, all sweat odors disappear and you can reduce the use of deodorant.

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