Geen parabenen of bewaarstoffen

No parabens or preservatives


Oy was a completely new brand for me. It is a Belgian brand that I was introduced to a few weeks ago at an event. Today I'm showing you their Deo Wash.
OY contains a scientific formula that completely neutralizes the activity of the microorganisms that cause bad odors.
Many products inhibit sweating and that is not healthy. Because sweating ensures that the body temperature remains constant. That is why OY focuses on door control because sweat itself is odorless. It is the microorganisms in these warm, moist places that cause the odor.
Use OY every morning and those annoying odors will be gone for at least 24 hours. Apply it just before you shower on dry skin and after rinsing you can get back to it fresh. And you won't get those sweat rings in your clothes either. You can even use it with sweaty feet. OY is safe to use and can even be used by pregnant women, children and people with very sensitive skin. It contains no parabens or preservatives and is completely biodegradable.
The unique formula has an anhydrous base. The revolutionary formula with nourishing oil hydrates and nourishes the skin. On the one hand, the oil ensures adhesion to the skin, allowing the soap to work actively for 1 minute, and at the same time the glycerin ensures the moisture regulation of the skin. Thanks to this unique blend of ingredients, you immediately get a pleasant feeling when drying. Your skin feels soft and bad odors are a thing of the past.
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