12 ecologische voordelen van Oy, de antibacteriële zeep tegen zweetgeur

12 ecological benefits of Oy, the antibacterial soap against sweat odor


1. Benefits of a waterless formula:

OY is a highly concentrated, antibacterial soap and contains no water where most shower soaps contain 60 to 70% water as a raw material. This is a lot of water! And above all, this is not ecological in terms of production and transport from “A to B”. 70% water is transported in plastic bottles. The more water adds very little value compared to other active ingredients, and therefore the amount of water is also important in the pricing of the soap. A lot of water in the formula means that this soap is much more susceptible to bacterial contamination and growth of micro-organisms, which means that more preservatives are added. So water is best from the tap and does not belong in a soap against sweat odor.

2. An aqueous environment always has a certain pH value

Depending on the ingredients in the water-containing formula, there is a certain pH value that affects the acidity of the skin. Ideally, the pH for the skin is around 5 - 5.5, which is rather an acidic environment. Sometimes a neutral pH is promoted, but this pH 7 is actually too high for use on our skin. Every formula with water therefore contains an extra chemical to adjust the pH for the skin: either a base, such as sodium hydroxide, or an acid, such as lactic acid. These chemicals are only added to adjust the pH value and have no additional effect.
It is of course ideal to work without water, such as with the antibacterial soap against sweat odor from Oy. This prevents pH dependence and does not affect the acidity of the skin.

3. Benefits of a Foam-Free Formula:

Foam is experienced as pleasant because it gives an airy feeling and the scent of the perfume is also released more easily. This is experienced as an advantage in the shower. However, foam has a drying effect on the skin and breaks down the protective oil layer of the skin, which can lead to irritation. Oy's antibacterial soap does not foam and provides a fresh feeling without skin irritations.

4. Benefits of a Concentrated Formula:

Ecology at its best!! : an antibacterial soap in which each ingredient is added solely for its active effect. By omitting water, there is more 'place' for active ingredients and you need less end product when used. The place of water and foam is taken by the nourishing oil and the super moisturizing vegetable glycerin. So just the opposite of the 'normal' shower soap, OY is a soap against sweat odor that is very nourishing and moisturizing instead of drying.

5. Stop the water while using OY:

It's nice to be under running water, but now that we're faced with periods of water restriction, a 'long running' shower suddenly feels unenvironmentally friendly and more like a waste of water. We feel best when we help reduce water consumption to some extent. Since OY antibacterial soap should be applied just to dry skin, you can postpone the use of water for another minute and further limit it. After all, the soap against sweat odor can also be washed away at the sink with a washcloth. Through contact with water, the gel becomes a nourishing milk that rinses off very easily with little water.

6. Less laundry and washing product.

Every time our washing machine runs, we also burden the environment not only through the high water consumption but also through the washing products. Oy antibacterial soap keeps our clothes fresh for longer. You can, as it were, wear the same T-shirt all week. Thanks to our soap against sweat odor, bad odors in the armpits, circles after sweating and yellowing on white T-shirts or shirts are a thing of the past. Your sports shirt may still be soaking wet after exercise, but after drying there will be no 'training' smell lingering and it can be used again.

7. Stop foaming your body from head to toe

There is no need to soap and wash from head to toe every morning. It is sufficient to only refresh the areas where necessary and this is best done with an antibacterial soap. The moist, warm places on our bodies provide a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. If these bacteria are present in large quantities, an unpleasant sweat odor is quickly formed, which the Oy anti-sweat odor soap easily eliminates. During stress or hormonal changes, the odor-causing bacteria overgrow, which can cause even more sweat odor and disrupt the skin flora. OY eliminates this overgrowth.

8. Biodegradable

When looking for the active ingredients for OY soap against sweat odor, we mainly took biodegradability into account. Many active substances in the deodorant world are completely safe for humans, but they can be harmful to the environment, such as Triclosan, which has toxic effects on aquatic organisms and is increasingly avoided in cosmetics. Our active ingredients in the OY antibacterial soap are of course very safe and chosen with the greatest care. After all, there is a safety file for every product and the end product is checked by a toxicologist before a cosmetic is launched on the market.

9. Vegetable Helianthus Oil:

We consciously choose not to use exotic oils in our antibacterial soaps that are added to a formula in miniscule quantities for commercial reasons. The ecological footprint of these oils is large, just think of Jojoba oil from Mexico and South America and now also from Egypt. This oil does have good anti-inflammatory properties if used in the correct (higher) concentration. The Macadamia oil comes from Australia... We at Oy choose the highly nourishing sunflower oil from close to home.

10. OY scrub particles are sand

The choice of scrub particles is enormous. From natural raw materials (crushed olive kernels, apricots, etc.) to the least natural form such as plastic granules, which is completely undone today. In addition, many 'natural' products contain impurities that can lead to allergic reactions. That is not the case at all with the OY antibacterial soap and scrub. Our choice for OY scrub is the biodegradable Hydrated Silica, very fine sand.

11. An antibacterial soap tested without animals

Although claims can no longer be made under the heading of 'free from...', animal-free testing remains a very important evolution in cosmetics. Testing with animals virtually no longer occurs. 'Free from' provokes the reaction as if, for example, parabens are harmful, quod non. Because the statement 'free from' gives a negative connotation to the component in question, the legislator asks that it no longer be stated in this way.

12. We love our planet and we love you! Bottled confidence

We get the greatest satisfaction from the incredibly positive reactions from our OY fans who cycle confidently through the day thanks to our soap against sweat odor!
You are self-confident and feel better about yourself. No disturbing odors among colleagues or in the classroom, after exercise or during stress.
Thanks to our antibacterial soap, the use of deodorant is no longer necessary and your favorite perfume provides the nice scent!
You boost your self-confidence!

We wish everyone to get through the day with confidence thanks to OY.
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